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1. Bryn Farm

1~Williams, William~-~M~5.6~79~M~Mixed Farmer~

2~Williams, Emily~-~F~23.5~89~M~unpaid Domestic~

3~Williams, Henry G M~-~M~22.4~1920~ ~Assisting on farm~

4~Williams, Alfred G.~-~M~22.10~1922~~Agricultural Engineer & Fitter~

2. Graigycoed Bungalow

1~Hamber, Thomas R.~-~M~17.4 (14.4.88 in light ink)~88~M~Civil Engineer HMO~

2~Hamber (REID), Georgina (V)~-~F~3.8~98~M~unpaid Domestic~C1283 PR 25460 REID. This indicates that Georgina later married someone named Reid, possibly on 25/4/60.

3. Upper Twyn

1~Perrott, Thomas R. ~-~M~6.3~79~M~Small Holder~

2~Perrott, Ellen~-~F~7.11~80~M~unpaid Domestic~

3~Pritchard (PERKINS), Florence~-~F~25.3~10~S,M,~General Help~Inst 331 PERKINS. This shows that Florence married someone named Perkins. A record shows that Florence M Pritchard married David J Perkins at Pontypool Registration District Monmouthshire. Vol 8C Page 785.

4. Lower Twyn

1~Williams, Henry~-~M~8.8~69~M~Retired Engine Driver

2~Williams, Edith~-~F~30.1~71~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Rowlands, William~-~M~7.1~91~M~Civil Engineer HMOW

4~Manning, Horace~-~M~17.6~93~M~Pumpsman

5. Hill Crest Bungalow

1~Pardoe, Clifford~-~M~4.6~00~M~General Labourer HMOW

2~Pardoe, Mildred A.~-~~5.2 (23.2 deleted)~01~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~Davies, Evan T.~-~M~23.5~85~M~Civil Engineer HMOW

6. Brooklands

1~King, Fred~-~M~10.8~84~M~General Blacksmith

2~King, Lucy~-~F~20.9~87~M~unpaid Domestic

3~King, Jack~-~M~22.4 (8.4 deleted)~11~M~Foreman Gas Meter Repairer

4~King, Phyllis E.~-~F~8.6~08~M~unpaid Domestic

5~King, Brian~-~M~8.8~35~S~Infant

7. Cherry Orchard

1~Edwards, James~-~M~21.12~57~W~Retired Farmer

2~Stephens, William E.~-~M~24.8~91~M~Storekeeper, Gas contractor

3~Stephens, Gertrude~-~F~28.4~96~M~unpaid Domestic

4~Stephens, Frederick J.~-~M~14.5~17~S~Builder's Labourer

5~Wyrill, Arthur S.~-~M~30.5~86~M~Clerk Of Works Hmow. Metal Specialist

8. Clytha View

1~Morgan, Ernest S.~-~M~18.2~07~D.~Bricklayer Gen Con

2~Morgan, Henry ~-~M~21.6~65~W~Market Gardener Retired

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

9. Hill View

 1~Meredith, John~-~M~15.8~91~M~General Labourer Public wks

2~Meredith, Rosa M.~-~F~12.5~97~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

10. Ashford Cottage

1~Pardoe, Alfred~-~M~18.1~1876~W~General Labourer~

2~Adlum, James ~-~M~23.3.~82~S~General Farm Labourer~

3~Pardoe, Gladys (GAMESON added)~-~F~12.10~83~S~Unpaid domestic~M 9 6 42 GAMESON … This indicates that Gladys married someone named GAMESON probably on 9th June 1942.

11. Ton Farm

1~Gibbon, Victor T.~-~M~4.7~84~M~Market Gardener + Farmer

2~Gibbon, Maria~-~F~31.10~88~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Gibbon, William E.~-~M~8.4~23~S~Assisting on farm~

4~Parry, Gwendoline G (PAYNE added)~-~F~20.12~14~M~unpaid Domestic~CR 283 MN PAYNE 29.9.58. This indicates that Gwendoline probably married a Payne on 29th Sept 1958.

12. Hill Farm

1~Pegington, William E.T.~-~M~27.6~10~M~General Farmer

2~Pegington, Beatrice D V~-~F~1.5~09~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~Mathews, Vera F. (THOMAS added)~-~F~28.10~23~S~Unpaid Domestic~XOQM 4.9.45. This indicates that Vera probably married a Thomas on 4th September 1945.

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

6~Moreton, Thomas O B~-~M~18.1~10~S~Quantity Surveyor HMOW~See page 19

13. The Ton

1~Harrhy, Ernest J.~-~M~20.9~81~M~Caretaker (Gas Cons)

2~Harrhy, Hannah~-~F~24.8~79~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

14. Woodside House

1~Morgan, Thomas~-~M~23.9~03~M~Pipe Layer (Gas Con)

2~Morgan, Emily~-~F~17.6~90~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Morgan, Thomas P~-~M~16.5~25~S~Carpenter apprentice

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

15. Glascoed Vach Farm

1~Boyce, Arthur C.~ ~M~11.5~06~M~Gen Farmer

2~Boyce, Ethel J.~ ~F~6.9~09~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Ivy O.~ ~F~12.8~38~~Infant

16. New House Farm

1~Barnett, Benjamin~-~M~9.1~91~M~General Farmer

2~Barnett, Emily~-~F~12.6~92~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

6~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

7~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

17. Holly Bush Farm

1~Williams, Frederick~-~M~1.1~71~M~Farmer

2~Williams, Doris~-~F~1.5~08~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~Williams, William T~-~M~2.9~33~S~-

18. The Wern Farm

1~Morris, Frank W.~-~M~22.10~05~M~Coalman for Railway Shunter~DOB Pencilled as 28 Oct 04 OD 8

2~Morris, Iris (THOMAS)~-~F~23.5~07~M~unpaid Domestic~Inst 331 THOMAS. This indicates that Iris probably married a Thomas at some later date.

3~Morris, Bernard F~-~M~15.11~27~S~School~DOB Pencilled as 15.10.27 XEJ

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~Cassidy, John~-~M~13.7~04~S~Cement labourer

6~Jackson, Edward~-~M~13.7~98~S~Scaffolder~Same details also on Page 7

19. Wayside Bungalow

1~Vaux, Hubert~-~M~1.1.~90~M~Labourer Electric Gen Con

2~Vaux, Sarah J~-~F~14.10~90~M~unpaid Domestic

20. Walnut Tree House

1~Curnow, Mary J~-~F~17.1~65~W~unpaid Domestic

2~Davies, Dennis R~-~M~20.11~22~S~General work on Holding

21. Cross House

1~Howells, George~-~M~14.8~97~S~Colliery Labourer (Below ground)~

2~Howells, Gladys M (PRITCHARD added)~-~F~25.7~03~S~unpaid Domestic~M XPN 22.3.47. This indicates that Gladys probably married a Pritchard on 22nd March 1947.

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~Pearson, Montague~-~M~11.8~87~M~C.E. Inspector R.O.F.

22. Oak Tree Cottage

1~Sainsbury, Amos J~-~M~5.1~82~S~Bricklayer (Genl Con)

2~Sainsbury, Martha~-~F~11.10~68~S~Unpaid domestic

23. Oak Tree Bungalow

1~Sainsbury, Leonard E~-~M~14.4~08~M~Bricklayer (Genl Con)

2~Sainsbury, Ruth~-~F~5.5~05~M~Unpaid domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

6~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

24. Yew Tree Cottage

1~Farr, William~-~M~31.5~90~M~General Labourer (Genl Const)

2~Farr, Martha E~-~F~9.3~97~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Farr, (WILLIAM) Kenneth~-~M~24.8~21~S~Concrete labourer~Ref RM79 C157. 31.7.44.

4~Farr, Graham~-~M~26.1~25~S~Engine driver (Genl Const)

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

6~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

7~Morgans, William T~-~M~28.11~03~S~Foreman (Govt)~Birth month was originally 10 scored out and replaced as 11

25. Parc Newydd

1~Summers, Alfred D~-~M~10.11~69~M~Retired Boilerman

2~Summers, Florence~-~F~22.1~79~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Summers, William A~-~M~17.11~10~S~General Labourer (Genl Const)

26. Bungalow

1~Morgan, William~-~M~7.8~73~W~Scrap Bundler Steel Wks

2~Seaborne, Ernest J~-~M~23.3~10~M~Carpenters Labourer (Gen C)

3~Seaborne, Annie M~-~F~17.3~13~M~unpaid Domestic

27. Old Mill House

1~White, Cecil B~-~M~11.1~08~M~Gen Labourer (Genl C)

2~White, Lily F~-~F~9.5~10~M~unpaid Domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

28. Pettingale Mill

1~Stoneham, Alice~-~F~26.3~72~W~unpaid Domestic

2~Stoneham, William~-~M~22.9~95~S~Small Holder

3~Stoneham, Louisa~-~F~27.10~92~S~unpaid Domestic

29. Cross Farm

1~Lewis, John~-~M~15.11~92~S~Farmer

2~Lewis, Arthur~-~M~24.11~99~S~Haulage Contractor Genl

3~Lewis, Henry~-~M~11.2~04~S~Haulage Contractor Genl

4~Parry, Annie~-~F~9.7~95~W~unpaid Domestic

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

6~Parry, Freda E (WILLIAMS)~-~F~5.7~30~S~School~CR 283 MN WILLIAMS 10.3.66 (actual marriage registered in Jun Quarter 1965)

30. Upper House Farm (Glascoed)

1~Lewis, Martha~-~F~3.12~63~W~unpaid Domestic

2~Williams, Harry~-~M~27.6~98~M~Farmer

3~Williams, Elizabeth~-~F~9.1~01~M~unpaid Domestic

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~Williams, Bertha~-~~8.7~81~S~unpaid Domestic


1~Evans, John A.~-~M~15.7~08~S~General Farm Servant

31. The Paddocks

1~Burge, Reginald M~-~M~27.5~67~M~Retired Poultry dealer

2~Burge, Ellen~-~F~14.1~68~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Burge, Reginald G~-~M~7.11~99~S~Barrister/ (Special Con deleted)~O.C. 21 Special Constabulary (Observer Corps) Monmouthshire

4~Morgan, Florence (Evans added)~-~F~30.9~20~S~Domestic Servant~7342 Evans. This indicates that Florence probably married an Evans on 7th March 1942.

32. Pentwyn Holding

1~Jenkins, Arthur~-~M~4.12~99~M~Roadman (D Council)

2~Jenkins, Margaret H~-~F~31.11~94~M~unpaid Domestic


1~Cahill, John~-~M~5.4~13~M~Miner (Genl Con)

2~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

3~Walmsley, William~-~M~14.5~14~M~Miner (Genl Con)

4~Hamilton, Robert~-~M~11.2~13~M~Miner (Genl Con)

5~Jones, Simon~-~M~18.5~92~M~Gen Labourer (Genl C)

33. Sunny Bank

1~Large, Frederick~-~M~23.5~72~M~Retired Railway Shunter

2~Large, Isabella A~-~F~8.4~75~M~Unpaid domestic

34. Rose Cottage

1~Pollard, William F~-~M~6.1~98~M~Loco Shed Labourer

2~Pollard, Ada M~-~F~24.3~11~M~Unpaid domestic

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

35. The Pergoed Small Holding

1~Powell, Thomas C~-~M~30.4~86~M~Gauger Public Works Cou(ncil?)

2~Powell, Ethel (Sarah E)~-~F~18.6~92~M~Assisting on Holding

3~Morrisey, James~-~M~24.6~00 (this date added in red - original DOB crossed out was 12.7.01) ~S~Foreman Public Works Co~See Page 17

36. Sunny Bank Cottage

1~Summers, Frank~-~M~29.3~70~M~Retired Wks boilerman

2~Summers, Anna (Maria in pencil)~-~F~28.12~77~M~unpaid Domestic

37. Beech Cottage

1~Price, Oliver B~-~M~1.6~96~M~Coal Hewer

2~Price, Eva E.C~-~F~7.1~97~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Price, Arthur O J~-~M~25.6~21~S~Rope Runner Gen Lab?

4~Price, Alan~-~M~15.2~31~S~School

5~Price, Eric~-~M~19.7~32~S~School


1~Price, Ethel (Joan)~-~F~3.9~36~S~Infant~CR 283 29.11.63 MN ? This indicates that Pearl probably married on 29th Nov 1963.

2~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~~

38. Yew Tree House

1~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~~

2~Henry, Ruth M~-~F~13.3~05~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Henry, Primrose E (HUGHES)~-~F~3.7~39~S~Infant~1/2 M/CGA 14.4.65 HUGHES.This indicates that Primrose probably married a Hughes on 14th April 1965.

4~Wright, Eva M~-~F~19.11~95~S~Guest House proprietor

39. High House

1~Jones, Isaac~-~M~2.10~80~M~Chargeman Loco Shed

2~Jones, Agnes~-~F~17.7~85~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Jones, Isaac J~-~M~13.12~16~S~Trench labourer Goods?

4~Jones, Phillip~-~M~7.1~20~S~Carpenter & Joiner

5~Jones, Roy~-~M~14.6~21~S~Trench labourer


1~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

2~Jones, May~-~F~4.5~26~S~School

3~Jones, Robert S~-~M~17.12~28~S~School

40. Beech Farm

1~Bradley, John~-~M~30.5~74~M~Farmer

2~Bradley, Esther~-~F~5.2~80~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Bradley, Ernest B~-~M~16.5~17~S~Assistant Farmer

4~Bradley, Margaret (MULLINS)~-~F~22.7~15~S~unpaid Domestic~File cs15751 C120. Rm30. M 1c MULLINS. This indicates that Margaret probably married a Mullins on 15th July 1951.

5~Bradley, Evelyn M (WILLIAMS)~-~F~6.11~19~S~Student Physical Coll~1/2 Med WR 9.2.58 WILLIAMS. This indicates that Evelyn probably married a Williams on 9th February 1958.


1~Jones, Alfred~-~M~6.8~19~S~General Farm Worker

41. The Nook

1~Scott, Alice M~-~F~26.9~83~W~Widow (crossed out) domestic duties

2~Scott. Stanley R.P~-~M~3.11~23~S~Waiter Canteen Hall

3~Morgan, Alfred~-~M~3.8~99~S~Railway Porter

42. Poplars

1~Price, Alfred~-~M~18.5~93~M~Small Holder

2~Price, Florence~-~F~13.2~85~M~unpaid Domestic

43. Poplars

1~Morgan, Richard M~-~M~15.7~85~M~Roadman (Govt C)

44. Panta Cottage

1~Mainwaring, Evan~-~M~28.5~69~M~Retired Farm Labourer

2~Mainwaring, Ada~-~F~9.10~87~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Mainwaring, Rosalind Ann (DAVIES)~-~F~13.3~16~S~unpaid Domestic~CR 283 MN DAVIES 27264. This indicates that Rosalindl probably married a Davies on 27th Feb 1964.

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~


1~Mainwaring, Mary E.A. (HOPKINS added)~-~F~25.2~21~S~unpaid Domestic~M 16.3.42. This indicates that Mary probably married a Hopkins on 16th March 1942.

2~Mainwaring, William G.~-~M~6.2~23~S~Gen Labourer (Genl C)

45. Cwmsoar Farm

1~Wrintmore, Owen J~-~M~28.12~75~M~Farmer

2~Wrintmore, Martha A.~-~F~15.9~89~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Wrintmore, Elizabeth A~-~F~26.2~13~S~unpaid Domestic

46. Maesmawr Farm

1~Morgan, Benjamin W~-~M~22.10~02~M~Farmer

2~Morgan, Alice~-~F~12.2~09~M~unpaid Domestic

47. Trychymad Farm

1~Cutler, Eva M.~-~F~1.9~13~M~unpaid Domestic

2~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~


1~Harry, Evan H~-~M~24.4~72~M~Retired Council Foreman

2~Harry, Sarah A~-~F~14.12~72~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Harry, Doris M (HANNER added)~-~F~29.5~03~S~unpaid Domestic~XPN (M) 4.3.49. This indicates that Doris probably married a McNeil on 4th March 1949.

4~Harry, Ronald L~-~M~16.2~15~S~General Farmer

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

48. Ty Coch Farm

1~Price, William T~-~M~3.4~83~M~Farmer

2~Price, Margaret J~-~F~1.4~82~M~unpaid Domestic~PWC 575/ 30723

3~Price, Raymond G.~-~M~12.7~19~S~Dairyman

4~Knowles, Florence I (CHATER)~-~F~17.7~13~M~unpaid Domestic~Marr Name CHATER.

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

49. Lower Trostra Farm

1~Cowles, William~-~M~6.3~55~W~Farmer

2~Cowles, William D~-~M~24.5~95~S~Assistant Farmer

3~Cowles, Annie (Summers added)~-~F~26.6~11~S~unpaid Domestic~M Summers added

4~Woodhouse, Rhoda~-~F~8.12~69~W~unpaid Domestic

5~Morgan, Frederick M~-~M~28.3~17~S~General Farm Worker

6~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

50. Trostra Farm

1~Bergin, Stephen~-~M~17.2~70~M~Farmer

2~Bergin, Nora~-~F~28.5~74~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Bergin, James F~-~M~11.9~09~S~Assisting Gen Farm~Actually born in 1908 according to freebmd Dec Q

4~Bergin, William Stephen~-~M~10.4~17~S~Assisting Gen Farm

51. Upper Cwm Hir

1~Gameson, William~-~M~24.3~69~M~Small Holder

2~Gameson, Elizabeth A~-~F~19.4~74~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Gameson, William T~-~M~25.9~05~S~Saddler (Journeyman)

52. Upper Cwmhir Cottage

1~Parry, Robert~-~M~22.5~67~M~Retired Mason

2~Parry, Martha~-~F~4.4~71~M~unpaid Domestic

53. Lower Cwmhir Cottage

1~Powell, Edward R~-~M~6.4~82~W~Quarryman Brick Wks

2~Powell, Edward R~-~M~31.5~18~S~Pipe Layer (Gas C)

3~Powell (Bullock and Whitehead both added), Margaret J~-~F~24.4~14~S~unpaid Domestic~Int 318 1/2 MN BEU 29.11.54

54. The Bungalow, Jerusalem Road

1~Chilcott, Herbert G~-~M~13.7~79~M~Furnaceman Steel Wks

2~Chilcott, Esther~-~F~13.11~69~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Prosser, Eveline (CHILCOTT added)~-~F~23.10~02~S~House Keeper~M 15.11.60? This indicates that Eveline probably married a Chilcott on 15th November (1960 is likely but unclear).

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

55. Jerusalem Cottage

1~Cooper, Arthur W~-~M~11.5~78~M~Iron Moulder

2~Cooper, Alice~-~F~7.6~80~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Cooper, Alice~-~F~21.11~14~S~unpaid Domestic

56. Mill Brook Cottage, Little Mill

1~Hopkins, Reginald~-~M~30.10~90~M~Labourer (Mining) Gen C

2~Hopkins, Edith M~-~F~22.10~92~M~unpaid Domestic

3~Hopkins, Charles R~-~M~29.2~16~S~Labourer (Mining) Gen C

4~Hopkins (Rosser), Gwyneth L~-~F~29.12~19~S~Seeking work (Unpaid domestic deleted)~ROSSER Added. This indicates that Gwyneth probably married a Rosser at a later date.

6~Hopkins, Graham A~-~M~18.8~29~S~School

7~Edwards, George~-~M~4.11~01~S~Labourer (Mining) Genl C?

8~Crabtree, Thomas~-~~16/4~04~M~Labourer (Mining) Genl C?

Glascoed houses on the Llanbaddock Register

1. Greenpool

1~Williams, Alfred E~-~M~8 Sept~1903~M~Farmer General, Own account

2~Williams, Elizabeth~-~F~30 Nov~1902~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

2. Llanynant

1~Edwards, Alfred~-~M~31st July~1901~M~Farmer

2~Edwards, Lucy M~-~F~26 Decr~1898~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~This record is officially closed~~~~~~

4~Price, Dorothy R~~F~14 April~1935~S~At school

5~Mayes, Edward F~~M~5 Sept~1913~S~Carpenter, journeyman. Heavy worker

3. Green Tree

1~Lewis, William~-~M~16 Novr~1896~M~Colliery Ostler (above)

2~Lewis, Margaret~-~F~11 Jan~1899~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Lewis, John H.~-~M~20 Jan ~1917~S~Smallholder own accord

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4. Green Meadow

1~Price, Edmund T~-~M~24 Nov~1885~M~Farmer

2~Price, Mary A~-~F~1st June~1886~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Price, John~-~M~1 Mar~1853~W~Farmer, Retired

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5. Green Meadow Bungalow

1~Morgan, Leah~-~F~6 April~1875~W~Private means

6. Aberayron House

1~Pritchard, Martha~-~F~6 April~1859~W~Private means

2~Pritchard, Alfred~-~M~16 April~1900~S~Public works Ganger

7. Upper House, Llanbaddock

1~Jenkins, Thomas~-~M~16 Feb~1903~M~Public works walking Ganger

2~Jenkins, Elizabeth~-~F~18 April~1904~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~Jenkins, John P.~-~M~18 June~1929~S~At school

6~Jenkins, Thomas~-~M~25 Nov~1931~S~At school

7~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

8~Jenkins, Pearl~-~F~10 Decr~1937~S~Under School age~CR283 17.6.45 McNeil Margaret Pearl. This indicates that Pearl probably married a McNeil on 17th June 1945.

9~Jenkins, John~-~M~4th Feb~1877~M~Labourer, Cleaning Buildings at Ordnance Factory

10~Jenkins, Sarah~-~F~21 Decr~1879~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

8. Ty Mawr

1~Sainsbury, Emmanuel~-~M~9 Novr~1871~M~Builder and Farmer

2~Sainsbury, Mary~-~F~17 Mar~1875~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Sainsbury, Annie M (TRAVES in blue ink)~-~F~6 Feb~1910~S~Unpaid Domestic Duties~Married Name: TRAVES.

4~Sainsbury, Catherine~-~F~26 Mar~1913~S~School Teacher

5~Jones, Doris E.~-~F~8 Sept~1915~M~School Teacher

9. Berthllan

1~Knight, Ernest R.~-~M~10 July~1883~M~Surveyor Chainman at Royal Ordnance Factory

2~Knight, Margaret M~-~F~29 Feb~1892~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Knight, William G~-~M~25 Nov~1916~S~Surveyor Chainman at Royal Ordnance Factory

4~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

5~Knight, Vernon M.~-~M~10 Nov~1921~S~Contractors Labourer at Royal Ordnance Factory

6~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

7~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

10. Woodland View

1~Jenkins, Lily F.M.~-~F~28 Feb~1908~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

2~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

4~Jenkins, Jean M(ary)~-~F~5 Mar ~1939~S~Baby~Notes CR283 MN THOMAS 24.4.57. This indicates that Jean probably married a Thomas on 24th April 1957.

5~Clinton, Arthur~-~M~12 Mar~1923~S~General Labourer Concrete Gang at Ordnance Factory~Pte 4077650 2nd Mon

6~Hewes, Dorothy M (Hall)~-~F~15 Nov~1913~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties~XOQMN PT 1.2.49 HALL this indicates that Dorothy probably married a Hall on 1st Feb 1949.

7~Hewes, Austin G. ~-~M~4 Nov~1934~S~At school

8~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

9~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

11. Glenview

1~Price, Alfred D~-~M~9 April~1863~M~Smallholder

2~Price, Cecelia~-~F~3 Decr~1866~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Price, David~-~M~22 Sept~1905~S~School Handicraft Instructor

4~Price, Enid M.~-~F~23 May~1912~S~Unpaid Domestic Duties~(M) XPN. 1/12/47 (JENKINS) - this indicates that Enid probably married a Jenkins on 1st Dec 1947.

12. Clearwell Cottage

1~Duke, Harry~-~M~4 June~1882~M~General Labourer (concreter) at Ordnance Factory

2~Duke, Mary~-~F~27 Dec~1884~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~This record is officially closed~-~~~~~

13. Highcross

1~Loveridge, Charles E~-~M~27 Dec~1878~M~Unemployed Colliery Haulier (Below)

2~Loveridge, Emily~-~F~1 Decr~1882~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

14. The Manse

1~Newberry, Thomas J~-~M~19 June~1906~M~Minister of Religion (Baptist)

2~Newberry, Annie A.~-~F~26 Mar~1909~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Newberry, John~-~M~21 Jan~1879~M~Incapacited (Blind)

4~Newberry, Lily S.~-~F~15th Feb~1886~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

15. New House, Llanbaddock

1~Lewis, Anne~-~F~29 May~1866~S~Private means

2~Williams, Olwen~-~F~10 May~1915~S~Unpaid Domestic Duties

16. Tynycia

1~Allen, James G.~-~M~5 Mch~1879~M~Market Gardener Own account.

2~Allen, Margaret J.~-~F~9 April~1885~M~Unpaid Domestic Duties

3~Allen, Margaret O. (Lawrence)~-~F~7 Oct~1918~S~Unpaid Domestic Duties~Married name later is Lawrence

4~Allen, Frederick D.~-~F~2 Oct ~1921~S~Market Gardener Assisting father.

1939 Register

The 1939 Register is a special bonus for family and local historians. Censuses are usually only released 100 years after they were conducted. This information, which is very similar to a census, was released in 2015. The Register was taken on 29th September 1939, to ensure that every citizen could be issued with an identity card, following the outbreak of World War 2. Records of people younger than 100 and still alive, or who died after 1991 are officially closed.

Read more about it here: - you can also subscribe and access the records for the whole of England and Wales via subscription to the site. Highly recommended.

ED Letter Code: APMA. Borough: Pontypool. Registration District and Sub-district: 586/31 (Llanbaddock houses are 586/4).

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