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Alfred Hedley Morgan

Alfred was born in Glascoed, either at the tail end of 1868 or beginning of 1869, since his baptism was on 6th January 1869, at Glascoed church.

His parents William and Emma Rachel Morgan (nee Price) were farming at the family farm, Hill Farm, Glascoed at this time.

They moved from Glascoed before Alfred reached the age of 10 and lived for at least a short period in Essex, at Grays, where his father worked at the cement works (according to the 1881 census). I assume that William and Emma must have decided that either there was no future in farming at Glascoed - possibly tempted by the possibility of returning to Canada for good, since by 1891, the family had emigrated to Montreal, where they stayed.

Alfred’s Grand-daughter Mary Morgan provided me with this info: “Alfred had three children – Clifford, Dorothy and my father, Russell Hedley Morgan.  My father was a doctor who left Canada for the United States to do his residency. He spent his career at Johns Hopkins Hospital where he was a professor and chairman of the department of Radiology and dean of the medical school.  The Radiology department at Hopkins is named in his honor.”

Alfred died before 1945. I do not have any further details on Alfred’s life, apart from the above and this fine photo provided by his Grand-daughter, Mary Morgan.



In Glascoed 1871 

In Essex 1881

In Montreal, Canada 1891.