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The Meredith family

The Merediths are one of my favourite families, even if they were not always very popular in Glascoed! A magistrate, presiding over one of the court sessions related to the “Glascoed riots” put it like this … ““The disturbances and offences committed by the defendant (Caroline Meredith) and her husband (James or “Jemmy” Meredith) were a great annoyance to that part of the country.”

This even extended to some of their children: Martha Meredith particularly.

Martha, had been accused of trespassing on a Pergoed Lane neighbour’s (John Pitt) land (Rose Cottage) in 1862 aged 15. She was a witness in the case involving illegal drinking in 1865 - it’s quite possible that she may have been the one to report this to the authorities, reading between the lines! Later on her first husband John Harnay was transported for sheep stealing and she later took a man to court accusing him of fathering her child while her husband was on the other side of the world. This was not proven.

James Meredith Caroline Lewis


1st Aug 1835

at Usk

Martha Meredith

Their children were:

And also four sons:

James (c. 1837) Thomas (c. 1843), Philip (c. 1849) and Charles Henry (1852).

I’ll add biographies for these four in the fulness of time.